An emotionally bitter-sweet day to say the least.  The Fallen H, Vol 2: Hell, the final recorded output from Emzy Enzy founding member Dustin Johnson (RIP) is now live on all major streaming platforms, worldwide.


If the first part of The Fallen H Double Record, “Heaven” was the sound of euphoric, youthful, raging ambition, then “Hell”, it’s sister record is the sound of the sludge and the aftermath of the backs you stepped on to get where you are.  It is the shrieks and cries of those victimized by that ambition.  It is the guilt left over from the destroyed relationships, fallen heroes, and regrettable actions that the “Heaven” record led to.  Opening instrumental “What Have We Done” recalls Ministry’s Filth Pig, while second single, and first proper song, “The Itzover” suggests what might happen if Fantomas went industrial and wrote traditional(ish) songs.  Elsehwere, “Standing On the Shoulders Of The Nephilim” and “Sleazons” (both Dustin’s visions) combine industrial/electronica with cinematic folk, and “The Second Hell” sounds like the Underworld’s most popular Jazz bar. 


“Thorne of the Roze” and “Open Earth” retain Emzy Enzy’s brutality, but slow the tempo and embrace low-fi sludge.  Far more eclectic, but no less progressive, “Hell” marks a shift in Emzy Enzy’s sound, while retaining all the industrial heaviness that makes it what it is.  


Bill and I are incredibly excited to share this record with you.  Stream it.  Download it.  Review it on Amazon.  Show it to your friends.  For us.  For Dustin.  For The Fallen H.