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Emzy Enzy make industrial music dangerous and strange again.

On their debut album, 2006's "Nothing, From God", EMZY ENZY forged a sound that took the usual cues from the likes of Ministry and Skinny Puppy, but set them against a much braoder pallete that included acoustic passages, loungy textures and rhythms, and experimental mayhem found from the likes of Fantomas or The Locust.  On it's follow up, "The Fallen H, Vol 1: Heaven", the band sets the stage for an epic double record with shimmering, yet aggressive songs that weld together intense atmosphere, the mechanism of industrial, the attitude of hardcore, and cinematic electronic textures that take you through the most hellish and terrifying trip through the cosmos you could imagine.  

Emzy Enzy have earned the noteworthy respect of underground industrialites such as Bile and KMFDM (the latter of whom they did a remix for), scored films (that in some cases they wrote and directed themselves), and played several confrontrational and energetic live shows in their home of Austin TX.  Losing founding guitarist and band visionary Dustin Johnson to sudden heart failure in 2015 put the band on a brief hiatus, but now they have returned.  Emzy Enzy unleashes the final recording sessions featuring Johnson's input as a massive double record, "The Fallen H", which is divided into two parts.  "Heaven" is now available on all streaming platforms world-wide.  The second half, "Hell" will follow on March 8th.

"Heaven" is the sound of molten star dust forming into a new celestial body.  It is the sound of planets colliding, black holes opening, and God letting out a universe-shattering laugh at the spectacle.  "Heaven" brings a much-needed shot of metallic aggression to the resurging industrial music scene; cosmic, cinematic, melodic, eclectic.  Emzy Enzy openly and brazenly defy mainstream trends to bring you a record from the Elder Gods, themselves.

Emzy Enzy is currently:

Caleb Straus - vocals, guitar, programming, sampling, production

William Douglas - Bass, programming, backing vocals

Dustin Johnson (RIP) - on this record - additional vocals, guitar,              programming, production, art direction


  1. Symphony Of The Broken Machine

  2. No Master

  3. 42

  4. Eigtch

  5. Absynthesis

  6. Enviralmentalpist

  7. Misplaced Aggression

  8. Molecular Implozion Data Feed

  9. Galaxseas

  10. Steamin’ Pile Of Slag



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