Sometimes affectionately referred to as "The Fallen H" (because of the image of their mirrored, “double E” logo), Emzy Enzy have earned the noteworthy respect of underground industrial heavyweights such as Bile,  REVillusion, KMFDM, Decent News,  (the latter two of which they have done remix work for), scored films (that in some cases they wrote and directed themselves), and created the Transmedia Conceptual "It's Over" Universe.  


Losing founding guitarist and band visionary Dustin Johnson to sudden heart failure in 2015 put the band on a brief hiatus, but surviving members, Caleb Straus and William Douglas have returned with new guitarist Chris Burch (whom Straus also plays with in Skeletal Shroud).  Last year, they made industrial music dangerous and strange again by unleashing their long-gestating "Fallen H" double record on all major streaming platforms; showcasing the final recordings done with Dustin.  The first half, "Heaven" was a brutal, industrial-metal romp through the cosmos.  The second disc, "Hell", showcased the more atmospheric, cinematic, and experimental side of the band, incorporating elements of lounge, trip hop, and spoken word. 

Emzy Enzy is the sound of molten star dust forming into a new celestial body.  It is the sound of planets colliding, black holes opening, and God letting out a universe-shattering laugh at the spectacle.  Emzy Enzy openly and brazenly defy mainstream trends to bring you music from the Elder Gods, themselves.  Their most recent album "Verzion", is now on all streaming platforms and the lead single "Angels" has a music video in production.  

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